Diabetic Wound Care

Diabetic wound care is very important for diabetics, as we know the wounds in diabetics require a long time to heal. Because the skin of diabetics are no longer healthy, and supple. As a result, impaired wound healing.

diabetic wound care for wounds will be preceded by cleaning using soapy water and then dried with clean water, do not use a tissue. Bits of tissue or any material that sticks on the wound became Kuma place to breed, thus blocking the growth of granulation tissue.

If the wound is only on the surface and contained no moving parts, it is sometimes better to leave it open. This makes diabetic wound care faster. Antiseptic or antibiotic pointment is not necessary when arms clean.

Diabetic-Wound-Care Diabetic Wound Care

Diabetic wound care to the deep and dirty wounds should be covered with sterile gauze. It is recommended to clean with water and soap, if the wound is dirty or has just happened. Do not use cotton for the above reasons.

Bleeding should be stopped immediately. The trick, press in place of the blood out using sterile gauze if available. Immediately remove when the bleeding had stopped.

The use of antiseptic on the wound can be done to kill germs. However, it should not be too often done to avoid the onset of immunity germs.

For chronic wounds should be cleaned every day and need to cut dead tissue. Wound infection or small abscess difficult to overcome if there is at the elderly or diabetics. Slightest wounds in diabetics, especially those that sugar is not well controlled, it can spread so quickly that often must be performed surgery. Therefore, these wounds require diabetic wound care by physician specialty, of course, blood sugar levels must be controlled.

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No wonder the elderly diabetic patients are prohibited from cutting their own nails. He also had to use a size fitting shoes or slippers, so as to avoid friction that can cause blisters. Hopefully the above tips can be helpful for diabetic wound care you and your family.

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