Car Survival Sleep Insidious Disease

Car Problem Diagnosis if The Car Never Used

Having a car but rarely used does not mean it will make it durable and avoid damage. Conversely, the vehicle is silenced very long it will cause a variety of problems.

Even launched online site Popular Mechanics, Saturday (10/2/2018), vehicles that fall asleep up to a year or more, then it will experience various diseases in some places.

Car-Survival-Sleep-Insidious-Disease Car Survival Sleep Insidious Disease
Car Survival Sleep Insidious Disease

Well, want to know what parts of the car will have problems? Here’s the summary:

  1. Fuel System

If a month the car is never used, then the liquid gas will evaporate and decompose its contents. Meanwhile, if a year or two the car is never used, then in the fuel tank can change like mud or caramel that lining the tank wall.

It’s good fuel tank on the car cleaned first to the experts. Because it is useful to remove the crust so as not to clog in some other media such as carburetor or fuel pump (fuel pump), hoses, filters or injectors.

  1. Cooling System

This section is on the radiator, where when you go to the garage it’s good to ask the mechanic to do some checks.

The reason, it is not impossible if the radiator will be corroded. Well, if it happens then rust flakes may enter the number of parts on the machine, including water pump (water pump), or other.

If you’ve checked the radiator it’s good to make changes to a number of rubber hose and heating hose. If the old is unused, the rubber part will get brittle, so the risk of leakage in the future. If that happens, it will certainly be fatal.

  1. Timing Belt

Part or component of this one is very obliged to be replaced if the old car is unused. Because its function is vital to rotate the camshaft (or called noken as) that plays a role to open and close the valve (valve) in the combustion chamber with precise timings.

Part of the belt serves to move other parts such as air conditioning compressor, power steering system, altenator, and also water pump.

Therefore, if the car was never used it would be good timing belt participate replaced in order not to break.

  1. Other components in the Machine

A car that is never used of course should be checked, even if it needs to be replaced some other components.

Some things to do inspection or replacement is ranging from spark plugs, cables, hose, until the battery or battery.

  1. Brakes

This section should also be checked as a priority if the car is never used. Well if it is so, it’s good braking system replaced thoroughly.

This is because it will be easier and much cheaper than replacing or buying a unit.

Braking system is also made of metal, because it is not impossible there is rust on each side of the metal.

  1. Liquid

Various liquids on the vehicle must be replaced, ranging from brake fluid, engine oil to transmission oil. Oil can also be mixed with water due to enter in the cracks.

If it is mixed, then the oil or oil that lubricates the part can make its performance will not be maximal even tend to be disturbed.

  1. Tires

Tires made of rubber material. Ban also has a life time. Even if never used tires should be rotated.

Well if the car was never used at all, it’s good tires replaced within six years after production. To see the age of tire production, can be seen directly from the tire wall.

  1. AC

This section also becomes important, because it can make the conditions inside the cabin remain comfortable. Therefore, the flow that blows car air conditioning must be checked.

It’s good, ask the special air-conditioning mechanic for a thorough inspection. If there is a turn, of course this is to maximize its performance.

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