Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Healthy Life

Extra Virgin Coconut oil is the oldest in the world, something like that. The conditions are clear clean water has no color, smell of old coconut mild to severe, depending on the production process. Oil is a valuable health of the most attractive cities in the world.

Since the essential elements, such as milk fat, which can create the value of the landscape. For each child. This is a type of crude oil in the world in less calories. On average, saturated fat (medium-fatty acids), which collects the energy decay and not as fat in the body.

Extra-Virgin-Coconut-Oil-for-Healthy-Life Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Healthy Life
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Healthy Life

Alam Nusantara Virgin Coconut Oil is the best natural oil product I found. I have several brands, but I know nothing as pure as the intent. It is not the exact shade of the coconut, but I like the taste, although the consumption of fried eggs and bread with cinnamon, raisins. I recently had blood tests and my HDL (good cholesterol) was founded in 1977, is impressive — more than 39 measures for over 50 years of heart protection.) Many people believe that extra virgin coconut oil for HDL, butter and olive oil in the food and drink green tea is used.

We are a small house and want to make a closed container, while in the second. Note that coconut oil is different than other oils – which is similar to a fixed temperature below 72, the season is shorter. But he knows very well and is suitable for use anywhere in the kitchen.

An important detail: This is an organic extra virgin coconut oil. Others can organically, but I noticed that some brands are hydrogenated at room temperature (do not go because it is “good”). It is sufficient for all, coconut oil you buy, cold (and this also applies to olive oil, too) say. Google to find out why.

Enjoy your meal.

* A bottle of 125 mL of pure white coconut USDA organic extra

* Cold-pressed from fresh coconuts within two hours after the operation, with a weak real taste of coconut and spices

* Does not require refrigeration, the solid at room temperature and melts at a temperature of 76 degrees

* Alam Nusantara Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Product in Indonesia.


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