Normal Sugar Level Adults

How normal blood sugar levels in the human body?

In some sources the readings you may find different figures about normal blood sugar in human body shortly after eating.
normaladultbloodsugarlevel Normal Sugar Level Adults
Normal blood sugar levels when fasting is 110 mg/dl – 126 mg/dl. At the time of fasting, if you have blood sugar levels below 110 mg/dl, it’s called You lack sugar. However, if your blood sugar levels above 126 mg/dl, then you certainly are suffering from high blood sugar levels or diabetes. In such conditions, we recommend you do a quick response to lower blood sugar.
Normal blood sugar levels after a meal are 140 mg/dl – 200 mg/dl. If you measure blood sugar levels after a meal or two hours after a meal, the value normally is between 140mg/dl to 200 mg/dl. When measuring instruments or laboratory test results showed figures below 140, then you lack blood sugar. However, if your blood sugar levels above 200 mg/dl, then certainly you are having high blood sugar or diabetes.

Blood sugar levels fasting (no caloric intake gets 8-10 hours in advance):
= Normal sugar levels < 100 mg/dl = Pre Diabetes sugar levels 100-125 mg/dl = Diabetes sugar levels > 125 mg/dl
Blood sugar levels for a moment (during or after a meal):
= Normal sugar levels < 140 mg/dl = Pre Diabetes sugar levels 140-200 mg/dl = Diabetes sugar levels > 200 mg/dl

Normal levels of sugar in the blood, while checking of fasting or before eating is 80-100 mg/dl, for checking two hours after eating ideally 80-140mg/dl.
So a person can be said to have diabetes when the blood sugar fast 126mg/dl, and blood sugar levels two hours after eating above 200 mg/dl
To find out if a person is affected by diabetes or not, then not enough checking my blood sugar levels must be at least one time, two times, new can be said to have diabetes.

Then is now you’ve got an idea of how blood sugar levels normal?

A little additional explanation regarding the boundaries of sugar levels in the blood.
During the day, in blood sugar levels tend to be at their lowest point before eating. For most people normally, blood sugar levels before meals 70 to hover around 80 mg/dL or in some cases even get 60 mg/dl and is still in the normal range, perhaps someone else could 90mg/dl, blood sugar levels once again less than 100 mg/dL when fasting or before meals is considered normal by the standards now and someone is said to be suffering from diabetes if at the time of fasting for eight hours for a blood sugar levels higher than 126 mg/dL

After fasting for eight hours, someone was given a special sweet drink. People are said to have diabetes if two hours after drinking it has sugar level is higher than 200 mg/dL and usually, in addition to the limit of the blood sugar above normal, diabetics also have symptoms of increased urination, thirst, easy and/or in complement with the weight loss.more article about blood sugar visit

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