How To Lower Your Blood Sugar

After the holidays and all sorts of sunniness widths as it currently is not impossible, your blood sugar will rise. Cause when the holidays You certainly wouldn’t think long to eat delicious food that exists around you.

Controlling blood sugar levels is important for diabetics. How to keep the sugar levels in the blood remains on the normal limit will vary for each individual. But there are tips and tactics to help you control your blood sugar

turunkan-gula-darah-dengan-5-cara-alami-ini How To Lower Your Blood Sugar
A high blood sugar spike is able to cause serious health problems. Especially when you’re a diabetic patient.

These are natural ways to lower blood sugar such as reported by from

Don’t miss the eat time
Avoid missed hours packed because whenever you do these bad habits, then your blood sugar levels will be pushed higher. This happens because when you’re starving then your body’s fuel is glucose released from the liver in time may cause a spike in blood sugar.

Healthy carbohydrate consumption
Carbohydrates are one of the foods that are essential for the health of the body. But choose wisely as not taking any fresh white bread because the bread contains complex carbohydrates that slow down the absorption of glucose.

Consumption of cinnamon
A health research found that those who consume cinnamon sugar blood goes down as much as 18-29%. Therefore there is no harm if you add spices to coffee, tea, or even plain yogurt you. Besides being beneficial to lower blood sugar, add cinnamon may give other flavors in your food.

Sleep pretty
There are many health research that says that lack of sleep can increase your blood sugar levels. So make sure that at least you sleep 8 hours every night.

Eat more nuts
Beans are high fiber foods that take a long time to digest the food which means that it takes longer to release glucose. On the other hand, the beans are also sources of unsaturated fats that don’t can increase blood sugar levels.

Rather than taking any medication capable of giving bad impact to health, it is better to do the above natural ways to lower blood sugar.

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