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Do you want to improve Home Depot or low home? The difference between the two national franchise chains of improving homes is that they are very difficult to differentiate because they are competitive with each other in high-profit products as a price and a tool.
home-depot-shopping-tips-hero Home Depot Home Improvement
If you do this type of home improvement in your home, or most simple or extended renovations such as your kitchen, then Lowe and Home Depot are both facts of life.

If you come to this business for your local kindergarten, your friendly and Ace Hardware, and the religion of mulch and plants for your local wood garden tools, finally try something. Both have critical mass that are hard to ignore if you want to get all DIY renovation done at a reasonable price.

Bottom Line
To get a wide selection, the study focused on the customer reviews of the five major metropolitan Yelp 250 single Lowe and Home Depot stores in the United States. Of these transactions, the average of the 250 ratings is counted. In a five-star system, Home Depot was easily Narishi with half-star and Lowe. In addition, ratings for comments are scanned in eight categories. A blatant revenge review was issued by people who call members of staff in particular.

In general, the main difference is because the character of the shop affected by his colleague managers and businesses in the individual stores, not as a business between Lowe and Home Depot.

Thus, the company may have a large-scale review warehouse in the metropolitan area, but the same company and other stores in the same area will simply get the reviews.

Customer Service: Experience, advice, friendliness
Wood supplies and home builders often depend on experienced veterans in the trade.

If you have plumbing advice on a regular basis, for example, a special pipe shop visited by a professional plumber is the place to go.

Home Depot and Lowe’s staff were found to be fluent in the basics expected by the workers in the renovation business, including leading customers on the right hallway and buying the ring properly.

Most of the negative reviews mainly on customer service. Whether Home Depot and Lowe receive their share of star reviews, accompanied by complaints about employees who experience rude customers. For the same reason, both shops greeted the friendly and helpful staff and got some worthwhile 5 stars. As you would expect from a review site, but reviews about customer service stars in a series of 5-star reviews.

The atmosphere of the shop
The atmosphere means everything related to the physical business: lighting, wide aisles, storage shelves, cleaning, parking, etc.

About the same as the examiner at Home Depot and Lowe Media Shop. Guests tend to give a little higher rating of the atmosphere of the store, Home Depot deposit. The term “dirty” and “regular” is used to describe the atmosphere of the poor load both.

Customers in particular feel that the garden center and second wood shops are almost out of the way. The damaged merchandise was another complaint to the Home Depot and the Lowe shop reviewer. On the positive side, “airy”, “bright” and “net” are the terms used in the admiration of the representative business of the two companies centering in the field of musical instruments and household appliances.

Obtaining refunds
For Lowe and Home Depot, the table is back the first thing you see when you are in the store. A table overflowing behind the area is an integral part of the game, as the store had to wait for the members to shop for moving goods. To receive the goods that customers believe, the complaints centered on waste from both stores should be returned. The reviewers are often perceived as absent, as the two companies return tables and the staff.

Lowe and Home Depot usually once again accepted the pampering. Bring back your goods by signing at a reasonable time and giving back your money. If you return without receipt, you will collect credit. If you are using a credit card, you do not need to display receipts

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