Beach and Nautical Themed Decor to Enhance the Home

Is your home ready for the beach and nautical themed accents? Redecorating a single room, or your entire home is a great way to spice up any living space. With a few simple additions or changes, your home can take on a whole new look and feel.

Do you have simple fabrics or busy fabrics? Simple furniture fabrics can be dressed up with an assortment of pillows. Keep them basic and geometric, or go crazy and use wild tropical, beach, or lighthouse themed pillows. When using a variety of pillows, be sure that they have a common colour; different shades are fine. Don’t worry about using different textures; they will make the room all the more interesting. If your furniture fabric is energetic, use pillows with simple fabrics in different colours and textures. Adding a throw across the back of a chair or couch will invite you to curl up and relax.

Tables need to be functional, so overcrowding them is not a good option. Add one large item along with two smaller items, grouping in odd numbers is always more interesting. Add a statue, large figurine or ship to the centre of your coffee table. Also, by adding several smaller figurines, like shells or coral, to the larger pieces will make an interesting grouping. Get creative with size, shapes, and textures.

maxresdefault Beach and Nautical Themed Decor to Enhance the Home

Shelves are a great way to display favourite items, bought or found. To make your accents stand out, be sure to organize items that are alike. Rather than have books spread out, group them by colour, size, or shape. When adding accents, you must organize them comparable. Display shells and driftwood together with a bird figurine. Go nautical with a clipper ship, knot board, and an anchor. Japanese fishing floats, netting, and a fish figure make a delightful trio. Go ahead and use your imagination, the options are endless.

Paintings, photos, and wall art can bring the overall dè'(c)cor together by allowing focal points. Maintain a similar colour scheme. Use beach themes, lighthouse, and floral or geometric designs to complement the new theme. Depending on where items are placed, one picture or numerous ones can be used. If using two or more pictures, consider framing and matting them in the same manner. The pictures will add visual interest and give a more coordinated look. Hang them at eye level, the visual level where you will admire the art the most. Group them by theme, element, and shape, similar to other accents in the room.

Adding a touch of nature to beach dè'(c)cor is a great way to add the final accents to the room. Use tall plants, such as palms, in the corners or as room dividers. Smaller plants such as bromeliads can be used alongside a couch or as fireplace accents. Orchids make great tabletop accents and are available in a variety of colours. Use containers made of rattan or bamboo for compatibility.

Have fun with beach themed accents. The proper amount and properly placed accents give your dè'(c)cor a coordinated designer look. Now relax and enjoy!


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